Welcome to our Chicago Bartending Schools

225_chicago_classroomAt  American Professional Bartending Schools we  have been training men and women to bartend in night clubs, restaurants, pubs and catering facilities throughout the country since 1951. We take great pride in the fact that you are considering one of our schools to introduce you to the wonderful opportunities that await you as a professional bartender.

Classes are currently being conducted and conveniently located in Chicago, Schaumburg, Riverside and Calumet City (on border of NW Indiana).

225_chicago1Our course covers all aspects of professional bartending in a hands on situation , including bar setup and close down procedures. Students are introduced to a variety of glassware and the drinks that are served in them. Students work with a large variety of liquors and cordials while learning the quality, flavors and origins of each.

State and Federal laws governing the bar and restaurant business as they pertain to the bartender, bar owner and customer are covered in detail. All types of transactions are covered, such as cash, credit card and preferred guest charges. Dealing with customers and customer situations are discussed as well.

80% of the course time is spent behind the bar making drinks and practicing recipes that students begin learning from the first day of class. Students are taught the proper construction of a drink. They begin by learning to properly use a shot glass while making one drink at a time. By the conclusion of the course students are capable of making several drinks at a time as well as adept at free pouring (not using a shot glass).

All graduating students have access to our job assistance program. As a proud member of the Professional Bartending Schools of America students have access to job assistance nationwide in almost 100 other cities, including other affiliated schools. Many of our students have gone on to successfully pursue exciting opportunities on cruise ships, tropical resorts and casinos.

There is a written and practical evaluation at the end of the course so that each student will know their personal skill level and spirit knowledge upon completion. The evaluation process assists the school in our job assistance efforts as well.  Upon satisfactory completion of the evaluation students are issued their bartending credentials.  Our certificate identifies the bartender as a graduate of one of the most highly regarded bartending schools in the state of Illinois and should be presented to potential employers at the time of application.