Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use real liquor?

No, but we have carefully simulated the actual colors and mixing qualities of the liquors.

Why don't you use real liquor?

There are very strict laws and regulations related to serving liquor. To protect you from personal liability we do not use actual liquor in our classes.

If you don't use real liquor, how do you know how the drinks will taste?

All ingredients are measured.  Measuring ensures consistency in drinks.

What happens if I can't make the hours of the class because of a scheduling conflict?

Special schedules can be worked out.

What happens if I can't learn it all in 1 or 2 weeks?

Don't worry.  You can stay as long as you like, at no additional charge.  We want you to be totally confident in your bartending skills.

What other benefits do I receive as a graduate of your school?

There are a wide range of benefits including entertainment discounts, discounts on bartending equipment, and discounts for additional education programs for you or your employees.

How soon can I get a job after graduation?

It depends on your motivation.  Many students are out interviewing for jobs while attending class.  These students usually have jobs lined up before they finish the class. On day 1 of class we begin to work out of our copyrighted "Secrets of Finding a Job" manual.

Will the school help me find a job?

We have an excellent job placement service.  Its only objective is to give you assistance in finding work. We have graduates from over 30 years ago that continue to work with our placement staff to find new positions.

Why is your job placement service better than other services?

We specialize here locally and have more experience in the Chicago marketplace than any other school. We have very strong relationships with more than 96 of the best bartending schools in America. As a graduate of our school you are eligible for placement service nationwide. We have the most sophisticated job placement system available in the marketplace.

Will the school help me find more than one job?

Yes, as a graduate you can use the placement service when ever you need it.

What is the difference between your school and others?

Experience, reputation, facilities, equipment, instructors, placement staff, and results. We urge you to visit one of our schools first to see why over 100,000 men and women in the Chicago area have chosen our school over all the others. One 20 minute visit will show what the difference is. There is an obvious reason why we have continuously operated a bartending school in Chicago for over 62 years.

Are my books and training materials included in my tuition?

Yes, our course materials / hand outs / quick reference sheets are included. We also provide a bound, 350 page recipe manual that is great for using on the job - a lifetime keepsake. A $29 retail value, this reference manual is provided at no additional cost.