Bartending Graduate Testimonials

A very small sample, of the thousands of testimonials and letters we have received, are included for your reference below. The original letters are on file in our administrative offices and may be viewed by potential students.


Learning to make the drinks we've all had, at one time or another is fun, who wouldn't like it Right!! At American Professional Bartending School you will gain knowledge in the history of alcohol, why some drinks have the names they do, and proper measuring, including "free pouring" which is critical to the job I have now, ( I get pour tested weekly) I'm glad I know what I'm doing!!!!

The class is awesome and interesting. What really makes the class great is the instructor. Kim at Schaumburg went out of her way to accommodate the schooling schedule with my work schedule. She is a Professional at what she does and is full of knowledge, but most importantly she created a fun learning experience!!!!!!!!

Thank you to everyone at the American Professional Bartending School!

Will S.
Chicago Ridge, IL


I felt like I knew a lot about Bartending before enrolling, but after I finished with the program I felt more confident in everything I did behind the bar. Jay was such a great help. Thank you Jay!

Luis Reyna
East Chicago, IN


Not only do I have a new Profession that I can use for money, I had so much fun learning it! Classes were great and placement service was very helpful sending me information on many Mixologist position openings.

Judie M.
Elmhurst, IL


It was both a privilege and a pleasure to attend the Professional Bartending School. I was able to start a new career at the age of 53. The classroom setting is exactly like a working environment. The Job Placement Department is very friendly and helpful. After a few interviews I was working.

Jeff B.
Gurnee, IL


I had a great experience at The Professional Bartenders School in Schaumburg, with the instructor. He was a really great teacher and if you had questions about how to do things, he was always there to help you think through it. Professional Bartenders School is definitely a great route to go if you want to learn how to bartend. Having the class be hands on not only makes you comfortable behind the bar, but it is a practical way to learn.

The Job Placement Department was also great about getting you places near you that were hiring and helping you get your foot in the door. They worked very timely with you to get you a password for the job placement site, and were always effective in getting you a new one should you need it. I would definitely recommend Professional Bartenders School to anyone interested in learning how to mix drinks well and make a living out of it.

Kelly P.
Wauconda, IL


I'm a freelance illustrator, and the market simply blows right now. I'm accustomed to learning a new skill in order to expand my employment possibilities when things are tough. What to do... oh yes, get people drunk. Responsibly.

I attended the three week course with my roommate. The instructor provided us a no bullshit attitude about what to expect. And it was all common sense of course (and he knows it), but reaffirmation coming from someone with decades of experience.

The testing is rigorous, as the end of each week, you are required to take a practical. 1st week, 5 drinks in 5 minutes. 2nd week, 10 drinks in 10 minutes. 3rd week, 15 drinks in 10 minutes, followed by a lengthy written exam. All the drinks of course, requested in random for every individual student. Also included in the examinations are what will give you an essential B.A.S.S.E.T. certification which is more than just some frilly certificate. If any of you know how important it is to have that Sanitation certificate for a food and beverage job, this is the equivalent as it covers the importance of alcohol awareness, and is approved by the Liquor Commisson of Illinois.

Yes, you don't actually mix drinks with real liquor. But honestly, have some common sense. Wanna throw away 1500-2000 drinks in the course of three weeks, or better, drink them? All in the meanwhile trying to remember the recipes and how to serve them? It sounds fun, but you wouldn't remember half the stuff they taught you.

The premise behind mixology is knowing the proper amount to add to a drink, and in a timely and effective manner. Know how to properly pour different ingredients to make a drink, and you've got yourself a rather indispensable skill. Bar owners don't want to hire individuals who over-pour, because liquor is expensive, and if that's your habit over an 8 hour shift - that's a lot of money lost.

You learn that if you know your proportions right, and make it your second nature to be on the ball - the quality of the drink then falls on the quality of liquor. So what does it matter then if real liquor isn't used? Go to a bar, and then another, and then another. Same drink in all three. From three different bartenders. Chances are, all will be different. The fundamental truth to mixed drinks is whether you're using colored water, or a single malt of Glenlivet, it's all about proportions. And you will learn that in this school. They will push you to the grindstone with it.

Behind the curriculum, you also learn a vast amount of rather useful information. Alternatives to your call brands, history behind how different types of spirits manifested to what we drink now. It's quite a load, but always intriguing.

After graduation, you are entitled to their lifetime job placement program. Principally, it sounds great. They assist you with job leads, and you go do your thing with the information.....

Is it worth the money? ..... Sure you could go pick up a book at Borders and become a bartender yourself. I know some friends who have. But they know I've attended this school, and we've compared notes. Conclusion? They were amazed the amount of stuff I knew, and how I was conditioned making drinks hands on every day for three weeks, for 4 to five hours daily. If they had the money, they say they would've taken it.

Issah H.

Chicago, IL

Thanks so much for your help Liz! I truly enjoyed your staff and the bar classes! You guys were very informative and made the classes fun - as they SHOULD be! Thanks so much for going above and beyond!


Kristina Waller

St. Charles IL



"I feel the need to comment on my experience with Professional Bartending School.

I graduated in 2011 and obtained a bartending position even before I graduated. The school was very helpful to me to obtain that position. The instructor was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry. He made class fun. The hands on experience helped greatly in the learning process.
I am currently working at Bar Louie O'Hare as a bartender. (Excuse me: mixologist). I needed to renew my BASSET Certification. I called the school to schedule my renewal. They were very accommodating. I was able to get re­ certified quickly.

I have recommended this school to many people that have asked me about my experience.

Thank you, Professional Bartending School for my new rewarding and fulfilling career. "

Jacqueline  Z.
Bar Louie

"With such talented, seasoned instructors. it's no wonder I graduated feeling confident and ready to pursue a career in bartending"

Natalie B.
Chicago, IL


"Jackie thank you for all the bartending leads you have given me. I had tried other "placement services" before considering going to Bartenders School. As a career, I was happy to have the training and job placement for the Professional Bartenders School. Thank you for the service you and your staff have provided me."

Greg H.
Elgin, IL



"I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you and your staff for all the knowledge and support I received during my 3 week enrollment. My instructor, guided me through the course in a friendly and professional manner. The American / Professional Bartender School has provided me with the confidence and qualifications needed to obtain a full time bartending position.

Upon graduation from the school, I was able to obtain a full time position at a well established restaurant/bar.  I would not have been able to do this without the knowledge and guidance from Don.

I recommend The American/Professional Bartender School to anyone who may be interested in a career as a bartender. Your professionalism and knowledge is nothing but top notch." 

Scott C.
Huntley, IL


"I had a 'better than expected' experience with Professional Bartender School in Schaumburg, IL. The training was great, plenty of practice time and easy to follow acronyms to make sure we get the drink recipes correct. I had a first interview with the Grand Victoria Casino before graduation, and they hired me on the Friday that I graduated, after I showed them my BASSET Certification card. Professional Bartender School prepared me to mix drinks fast enough to keep up with the Casino's busy service bars and thoroughly enough to prepare the more involved drinks for the Sports Bar, VIP Room and their award winning Buckingham's Steak House. The investment I made in your school was quickly recovered. Thank you for your comprehensive training in mixology, and for all the fun we had during the classes. It was a great experience."

Bill G.
Elgin, IL


"The Professional Bartenders School helped me gain the skills I needed to be hired at one of the biggest and best-known nightclubs in Chicago. Bartending has provided a lucrative supplement to my income, and it's great to know I can pick it up at anytime, anywhere. It was one of the best investments I have made in myself."

Robyn E.
Chicago, IL



"I have already referred future student to the Professional Bartenders School at 315 W. Golf Rd in Schaumburg.  The instructors are excellent and easy to learn from.  I went for a two week class and in a very short period of time they taught me a lot of very detailed information.  I feel confident that because of my instructor I will make an excellent bartender."

Pete C.
Chicago, IL



"American Bartending School of Calumet City, IL has equipped me with the knowledge, hands-on experience, and confidence I needed to become a respected bartender. I was extremely pleased with the professionalism, small class size, and flexible payment plan. Upon graduating, I was quickly reimbursed and able to greatly supplement my income on the weekends. A special thank you goes to my instructor for his expertise and upbeat personality, and Debbie for emailing job leads without hesitation. Choosing to become a bartender was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. I wish I had done this sooner!"

Jerra M.
Gary, IN


"I graduated on a Friday and was hired by Wednesday of the following week."


"... I hit the Top Bars in the Suburbs and before I commited myself to any of them, and by the way, they were all ready to hire me due to my Degree from your school and my personality and readiness to begin working."

"I've been working on Rush Street since May and I'm having a great time, and making tons of money... I'm well respected as one of the most professional and knowledgeable bartenders on Rush Street"


Nicholas L.


"Your expertise concerning the fine art of mixology has helped me to attain a great deal of knowledge. I've learned how to make more drinks than I ever knew possible under your guide....."

"I was able to attain a position as a bartender at RipRocks in Downers Grove. In your class I learned that bartending is not just about mixing a drink. Much of bartending has to do with one's personality and letting it shine."


Jeremy T.
Villa Park


"The members of your staff went out of their way to ensure that I was properly trained as a professional bartender. But their work did not end once the diploma was in my hand and tuition spent."

"For two weeks after my graduation your staff supplied me with countless referrals of businesses seeking bartenders. I am pleased to say that one of the referrals resulted in me being hired by the Lakeshore Athletic Club as a full time bartender."

"I am enjoying my new career and I owe a big 'thanks' to your school and staff"

Mark L.
Chicago, Illinois


"May I say that without a doubt, Liz is the most informative, highly knowledgeable, honest, sincerest, and best teacher I have ever encountered"

"... she is fantastic at what she does and has equal amounts of compassion, devotion and motivation for her students."

Alexandra A.


"Now that I have been educated on Mixology and know more about presentation and etiquette, I am even more excited about working as a bartender. I am confident that my product knowledge and my Alcohol Awareness Certificate will provide me with the qualifications necessary to work effectively in this field."

"I was especially pleased with the course and truly benefited from the low pressure, fun filled environment."

Jessica L

"... I joined your class because it was required by my employer for my job as an Event Specialist. When I initially entered the class I struggled. It did not seem possible that in a few short weeks that "I" could become proficient at learning all the information that was necessary to graduate this class."

"Because of your 'unique' style of teaching, variety of study, patience and persistence in motivating me to realize that I could do this.  I now reap the benefits. My boss is very happy that I am now able to clearly oversee our bartenders, and train our staff to be more professional, and conscious of keeping our clients and their guests safe"

Shirley C.

"Before graduating I applied at several places including my favorite, Prairie Rock Brewing Company in Schaumburg."

".... what a great place to work - 3 different types of bars, flexible schedule, and great people to work with. It also helped that the hiring supervisor knew and hired other Professional Bartending School graduates."


John L


"I came to the Professional Bartending School pretty much down on my luck. I hadn't had a job in over six months...."

"With my last bit of money, I invested; no put my trust into this school. During the three weeks here I learned so much, not only behind the bar, but also from the other side."

"... I'll have the peace of mind knowing that I went to the Professional Bartender's School and know more than the average bartender. Thank you so much."


Gregory P


"Just wanted to send you a little note Thanking your for all the leads + special attention. You really have made me feel welcome in Chicago, after moving from San Diego."


Nancy F

"My Success Story.... I work for Wyndham Hotels. I have been there 2 years. Thanks to my training from Professional Bartender Schools, in my first year there I was awarded employee of the year. I was the first bartender to acheive this."

"For my accomplishment I won 5 extra vacation days, airfare for 3, free hotel for 5 days, and $500.00 spending money."

"Thank you Professional Bartending Schools for giving me a successful career."

Joseph P

"I want to send my sincerest gratitude to the school and staff for both my training and placement."

"During the class I was amazed at the amount of knowledge and hands-on training I received..."

".... that led to my employment at a wonderful establishment that I am thrilled to be working for.... Thanks again to the school and it's staff."

Anne W


"School prepared me well for the bartending world....."

"I did a "walk in" at Nick's Fishmarket in Chicago... I kept after the manager for a month until he let me do a 'practice' shift alongside other bartenders on staff..."

"I would not have passed Nick's written test, which was similar to the school's final, without the knowledge I gained at school...."

"I worked at Nick's for 8 months earning $20 - $25 per hour plus benefits. The moral of the story: get educated and then go for it!"



"The experience of being a student at the Schaumburg facility of the Professional Bartending School was a super example of hands on learning. As a student who has recently retired from over thirty years in the high school classroom it was a little bit of a challenge being on the other side of the desk."

Your teachers ... "were knowledgeable in the field from personal experience, excellent in imparting the coursework in a sincere and humorous manner and most importantly caring and supportive...."

"The staff's genuine concern and support helped me gain greater self respect, the knowledge that an old dog can learn new tricks ..."

"Your students and your company are both fortunate to have such a marvelous staff."

John C.
Cary, Illinois


Charlie Boyington
Chicago, Illinois

Dominique Basette
Chicago, Illinois

Kevin Murillo
Chicago, Illinois

Eleazar Roselas
Chicago, Illinois